BOOKS INDEX 2012-2013

Books I've reviewed since February 2012. The majority are crime novels (the genealogist's great down time way to relax). Author name - book title - date of review - LL is the Library Limelights post number.

Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Keeper of Lost Causes. 11 Mar. LL 3
Shalom Auslander. Hope: A Tragedy. 5 Oct LL 14
David Baldacci. The Innocent. 13 Dec LL 18
Noel Barber. Woman of Cairo. 11 Feb LL2
Julian Barnes. The Sense of an Ending. 31 May LL 7
Anthony Bidulka. Date With a Sheesha. 13 June LL 8
William Boyd. An Ice Cream War. 4 May LL 6
William Boyd. Armadillo. 24 Mar LL 4
William Boyd. Restless. 11 Feb. LL 2
William Boyd. Stars and Bars. 27 Jan 2012. LL 1
Pamela Callow. Indefensible. 11 Mar LL 3
Barbara Cleverly. The Last Kashmiri Rose. 31 May LL 7
Michael Connelly. The Drop. 11 Mar. LL 3
Suzanne Desrocher. Bride of New France. 13 June LL 8
Patrick de Witt. The Sisters Brothers. 15 April. LL 5
Michael Dibdin. Back to Bologna. 10 July LL 9
Craig Ferguson. American on Purpose. 3 Sep LL 12
Will Ferguson. 419. 19 Sep LL 13
Jane Fonda. Prime Time. 4 May LL 6
Sue Grafton. R is for Ricochet. 29 Nov LL 17
James Grippando. Beyond Suspicion. 17 Aug LL 11
James Grippando. Last to Die. 19 Sep LL 13
John Grisham. The Confession. 13 Dec LL 18
Ian Hamilton. The Water Rat of Wanchai. 13 June LL 8
Robert Harris. The Ghost Writer. 27 Jan 2012. LL 1
Anne Holt. 1222. 10 July LL 9
Dennis Lehane. The Moonlight Mile. 11 Fe LL 2
Jonathan Lewis. Into Darkness. 5 Oct LL 14
Steve Martini. Trader of Secrets. 22 Oct LL 15
Val McDermid. The Grave Tattoo. 29 Nov LL 17
Michael McGarrity. Under the Color of Law. 17 Aug LL 11
Linden McIntyre. The Bishop's Man. 4 July LL 10
Linden McIntyre. Why Men Lie. 3 Sep LL 12
James Meek. The People's Act of Love. 15 April LL 5
A.D. Miller. Snowdrops. 13 June LL 8
David Mitchell. Ghostwritten. 29 Nov LL 17
Dora Levy Mossanen. The Last Romanov. 4 July LL 10
Jo Nesbo. Headhunters. 15 April. LL 5
Jo Nesbo. Phantom. 31 May LL 7
Sarah Paretsky. Body Work. 10 July LL 9
Sarah Paretsky. Hardball. 10 July LL 9
George Pelicanos. Hard Revolution. 13 June LL 8
Louise Penny. Bury Your Dead. 27 Jan 2012.
Brent Pilkey. Lethal Rage. 22 Oct LL 15
Brent Pilkey. Savage Rage. 26 Oct LL 16
Ian Rankin. The Impossible Dead. 10 Jan 2012.
James Renner. The Man from Primrose Lane. 17 Aug LL 11
Peter Robinson. No Cure for Love. 19 Sep LL 13
Robert Rotenberg. Stray Bullets. 3 Sep LL 12
Robert Tanenbaum. Falsely Accused. 17 Aug LL 11
Peter Temple. Identity Theory. 24 Mar LL 4
Miriam Toews. The Flying Troutmans. 26 Oct LL 16
Joseph Wambaugh. Fugitive Nights. 4 May LL 6
Stephen White. The Program. 17 Aug LL 11

Kate Atkinson. Life After Life. 7 Aug LL34
Kate Atkinson. Started Early Took My Dog. 7 Aug LL34
David Baldacci. Divine Justice. 8 Apr LL27
David Baldacci. Hell's Corner. 9 May LL28
David Baldacci. Stone Cold. 22 Jan LL21
Linwood Barclay. Bad Move. 26 Dec LL44
Linwood Barclay. Fear the Worst. 7 Dec LL43
Nicola Barker. Burley Cross Postbox Theft. 15 Feb LL23
Peggy Blair. The Poisoned Pawn. 16 Oct LL40
Shani Boianjiu. The People of Forever Are Not Afraid. 27 Feb LL24
Lee Child. A Wanted Man. 23 May LL29
Glen Cooper. The Devil Will Come. 22 Jan LL21
Charles Cumming. A Foreign Country. 19 Sep LL38
Robyn Davidson. Tracks. 9 Jan LL19
Jeffrey Deaver. XO. 30 Oct LL41
Daniel Easterman. Maroc. 31 Dec LL45
Karin Fossum. Don't Look Back. 26 Dec LL44
Sylvia Fraser. Berlin Solstice. 1 Sep LL37
Pierre Frei. Berlin. 23 May LL29
Michael Gilbert. Death Has Deep Roots. 18 Aug LL35
Elena Gorokhova. A Mountain of Crumbs. 15 Mar LL25
James Grippando. Hear No Evil. 29 June LL31
James Grippando. Last Call. 19 Sep LL38
James Grippando. When Darkness Falls. 22 Aug LL36
John Harvey. Still Water. 30 Oct LL41
Iris Johansen. The Search. 12 Jan LL20
Mons Kallentoft. Summertime Death. 9 May LL28
Deirdre Kelly. Ballerina: Sex, Scandal and Suffering ... 12 Jan LL20
Herman Koch. The Dinner. 10 July LL32
Asa Larsson. Sun Storm. 14 June LL30
Asa Larsson. The Blood Spilt. 1 Sep LL37
Asa Larsson. Until Thy Wrath Be Past. 1 Oct LL39
Phyllida Law. How Many Camels Are There in Holland? 22 Aug LL36
Ann Leary. The Good House. 1 Oct LL39
John Le Carré. A Most Wanted Man. 15 Feb LL23
Henning Mankell. The Shadow Girls. 13 Nov LL42
Val McDermid. Hostage to Murder. 12 Jan LL 20
Ian McEwan. Sweet Tooth. 15 Mar LL 25
D.J. McIntosh. The Witch of Babylon. 13 Nov LL42
Zigmunt Milosczewski. A Grain of Truth. 7 Dec LL43
Zygmunt Miloszewski. Entanglement. 18 Aug LL 35
Jo Nesbo. The Bat. 14 June LL 30
Kristina Ohlsson. Unwanted. 16 Oct LL40
Sara Paretsky. Breakdown. 29 June LL31
Brent Pilkey. Secret Rage. 27 Feb LL24
Ian Rankin. Standing in Another Man's Grave. 1 Sep LL37
Keith Richards. Life. 30 Oct LL41
Peter Robinson. Watching the Dark. 22 Jan LL21
Lionel Shriver. Big Brother. 31 Dec LL45
Lionel Shriver. We Need to Talk About Kevin. 24 July LL33
Linda Svensen. Sussex Drive. 26 Mar LL26
Scott Turow. Limitations. 8 Apr LL27
Sheelagh Whittaker. Slaidburn Angel. 10 July LL32
Inger Ash Wolfe. The Calling. 4 Feb LL22
Inger Ash Wolfe. The Taken. 4 Feb LL22
Inger Ash Wolfe. A Door in the River. 24 July LL33

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