Author - Title - Date of Review - Library Limelights (LL) Number

Megan Abbott. The Fever. 31 December, LL149
Jussi Adler-Olsen. Alphabet House. 13 November, LL146
Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Scarred Woman. 23 December, LL 148
David Baldacci. The Last Mile. 4 May, LL131
Linwood Barclay. A Tap on the Window. 8 September, LL141
Christopher Brookmyre. Flesh Wounds. 18 September, LL142
Christopher Brookmyre. A Snowball in Hell. 30 November, LL147
Claire Cameron. The Last Neanderthal. 18 June, LL135
Lee Child. Night School. 6 October, LL143
Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke. The Cinderella Murder. 29 July, LL138
Paul Coelho. The Alchemist. 6 October, LL143
Anders de la Motte. Memorandum. 18 July, LL137
Anders de la Motte. The Silenced. 6 October, LL143
Martin Edwards. The Coffin Trail. 7 February, LL126
Lisa Gardner. The Next Accident. 24 February, LL 127
Brent Ghelfi. Shadow of the Wolf. 17 January, LL124
Nathan D. Goodwin. The Missing Man. 27 May, LL133
Camilla Grebe. The Ice Beneath Her. 3 June, LL134
Camilla Grebe & Asa Traff. More Bitter Than Death. 7 February, LL126
Jane Harper. The Dry. 30 August, LL140
Jane Harper. Force of Nature. 23 December, LL148
Robert Harris. Conclave. 24 April, LL130
Terry Hayes. I Am Pilgrim. 23 December, LL148
Cate Holahan. The Widower's Wife. 14 May, LL132
Graham Hurley. Western Approaches. 18 September, LL142
Graham Hurley. Touching Distance. 26 October, LL144
Joe Ide. IQ. 31 December, LL149
Greg Iles. Mississippi Blood. 29 July, LL138
Arnaldur Indridason. Voices. 17 January, LL124
Arnaldur Indridason. Black Skies. 4 May, LL131
Peter James. Dead Simple. 26 October, LL144
Stuart M. Kaminsky. The Dead Don't Lie. 14 May, LL132
Joseph Kanon. Istanbul Passage. 4 November, LL145.
Yasmina Khadra. The Attack. 7 February, LL126
Herman Koch. Dear Mr M. 10 January, LL123
Camilla Lackberg. The Preacher. 4 November, LL145
David Lagercrantz. The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye. 31 December, LL149
Dennis Lehane. Prayers for Rain. 24 February, LL127
John Lescroart. Sunburn. 10 January, LL123
Amanda Lindhout & Sara Corbett. A House in the Sky. 18 July, LL137
Philip Margolin. Executive Privilege. 30 June, LL136
Peter May. The Firemaker. 18 July, LL137
Peter May. The Blackhouse. 15 August, LL139
Peter May. The Lewis Man. 18 September, LL142
Peter May. The Chess Men. 30 November, LL147
Sharyn McCrumb. Prayers the Devil Answers. 18 June, LL135
Val McDermid. The Grave Tattoo. 18 June, LL135
Val McDermid. The Skeleton Road. 26 October, LL144
Denise Mina. The Field of Blood. 24 April, LL130
Denise Mina. The Dead Hour. 27 May, LL133
Denise Mina. The Last Breath. 30 June, LL136
Denise Mina. The Long Drop. 8 September, LL141
Jo Nesbo. The Thirst. 15 August, LL139
Peter C. Newman. Hostages to Fortune. 5 March, LL128
Joseph O'Neill. The Dog. 5 March, LL128
Keija Parssinen. The Ruins of Us. 4 May, LL131
Kevin Patterson. News from the Red Desert. 15 March, LL129
Jean Pendziwol. The Lightkeeper's Daughters. 30 August, LL140
Ross Pennie. Tampered. 30 November, LL 147
Leif GW Persson. Backstrom, he who kills the dragon. 31 January, LL125
Claudia Piñeiro. Betty Boo. 10 January, LL123
Ian Rankin. Strip Jack. 31 January, LL125
Ian Rankin. Blood Hunt. 5 March, LL128
Tayeb Salih. Season of Migration to the North. 27 May, LL133
John Sandford. Escape Clause. 24 February, LL127
Lorine McGinnis Schulze. Death Finds a Way. 6 October, LL143
Lisa Scottoline. Lady Killer. 14 May, LL132
Alice Sebold. The Lovely Bones. 30 August, LL140
Daniel Silva. The Black Widow. 31 January, LL125
Daniel Silva. House of Spies. 4 November, LL145
Karin Slaughter. The Kept Woman. 15 March, LL129
Karin Slaughter. Faithless. 13 November, LL146
Douglas Smith. Rasputin. 17 January, LL124
Martin Cruz Smith. The Girl from Venice. 15 March, LL129
Zaidie Smith. Swing Time. 24 April, LL130
Susie Steiner. Missing, Presumed. 15 August, LL139
Susie Steiner. Persons Unknown. 8 September, LL141
Tanya Talaga. Seven Fallen Feathers. 13 November, LL146
Gary Troup. Bad Twin. 30 June, LL136
Scott Turow. Identical. 29 July, LL138
Antonin Varenne. Bed of Nails. 3 June, LL134
Minette Walters. Fox Evil. 27 May, LL133
Ruth Ware. The Woman in Cabin 10. 3 June, LL134
JanWillem Van de Wetering. The Hollow-Eyed Angel. 29 July, LL138

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