Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Hanging Girl. 29 February, LL102
Stefan Ahnhem. Victim Without a Face. 27 September, LL116
Muhsin Al-Ramli. Dates on my fingers. 20 March, LL104
Linwood Barclay. Broken Promise. 10 February, LL101
Lillian Beckwith. A Proper Woman. 11 October, LL117
Emma Beddington. We'll Always Have Paris. 5 September, LL114
Claire Berlinski. Lion Eyes. 7 April, LL106
Peggy Blair. Umbrella Man. 21 November, LL119
Alafair Burke. The Ex. 2 December, LL120
Nancy Bush. The Killing Game. 27 August, LL113
Deborah Campbell. A Disappearance in Damascus. 2 December, LL120
Stephen J. Cannell. White Sister. 20 March, LL104
Chris Carter. An Evil Mind. 20 October, LL118
Carole Corbeil. Voice-Over. 6 January, LL98
William J. Coughlin. Proof of Intent. 10 February, LL101
Nelson DeMille. The Panther. 11 August, LL112
Nelson DeMille. The Lion. 1 February, LL100
Nelson DeMille. Radiant Angel. 6 March, LL103
Patrick DeWitt. Undermajordomo Minor. 26 April, LL107
Claire Douglas. The Sisters. 27 August, LL113
Zoë Ferraris. The Night of the Mi'raj. 26 July, LL111
Zoë Ferraris. City of Veils. 15 September, LL115
Joy Fielding. Now You See Her. 5 May, LL108
Karin Fossum. Calling Out For You! 27 September, LL116
Karin Fossum. The Caller. 30 December, LL122
Robert Galbraith. Career of Evil. 10 February, LL101
Nathan Dylan Goodwin. The Spyglass File. 10 December LL121
Seán Haldane. The Devil's Making. 15 January, LL99
Kati Hiekkapelto. Defenceless. 21 November, LL119
Tami Hoag. The 9th Girl. 15 January, LL 99
Graham Hurley. Turnstone. 2 December, LL120
Tahar Ben Jelloun. This Blinding Absence of Light. 9 June, LL110
Joseph Kanon. Los Alamos. 30 December LL122
Jonathan Kellerman. True Detectives. 31 March, LL105
Lars Kepler. Stalker. 26 July, LL111
Renée Knight. Disclaimer. 26 July, LL111
Michael Koryta. Those Who Wish Me Dead. 11 October, 117
David Lagercrantz. The Girl in the Spider's Web. 7 April, LL106
Deidre S. Laiken. Death Among Strangers. 5 September, LL114
John Lescroart. Damage. 6 January, LL98
John Marsh. House of Echoes. 6 January, LL98
Steve Martini. Shadow of Power. 26 April, LL107
Charles McCarry. The Mulberry Bush. 11 August, LL112
Denise Mina. Blood Salt Water. 6 March, LL103
Alistair Moffat. The Highland Clans. 15 January, LL99
Rick Mofina. Whirlwind. 21 November, LL119
Jo Nesbo. Midnight Son. 29 February, LL102
Håkan Nesser. Hour of the Wolf. 11 August, LL112
Perri O’Shaughnessy. Dreams of the Dead. 20 March, LL104
James Oswald. The Hangman's Song. 27 August, LL113
Ridley Pearson. Beyond Recognition. 1 February, LL100
Annie Proulx. Barkskins. 20 October, LL 118
Sheila Quigley. Bad Moon Rising. 7 April, LL106
Ian Rankin. Even Dogs in the Wild. 5 May, LL108
Ian Rankin. Witch Hunt. 9 June, LL110
Ian Rankin. Rather Be the Devil. 10 December, LL121
Roslund & Hellström. Cell 8. 10 December LL121
John Sandford. The Devil's Code. 15 September, LL115
John Sandford. Deadline. 27 September, LL116
John Sandford. Bad Blood. 31 March, LL105
John Sandford. Shock Wave. 31 March, LL105
Lionel Shriver. Game Control. 6 March, LL103
Karin Slaughter. Pretty Girls. 9 June, LL110
Tom Rob Smith. Child 44. 5 May, LL108
Ahdaf Soueif. The Map of Love. 15 September, LL115
Rosemary Sullivan. Stalin's Daughter. 24 May, LL109
William Trevor. Felicia's Journey. 5 September, LL114
Vendela Vida. The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty. 30 December LL122
John Verdon. Let the Devil Sleep. 24 May, LL109
S.J. Watson. Before I Go to Sleep. 27 August, LL113
S.J. Watson. Second Life. 11 October, LL117
Robert Wilson. You Will Never Find Me. 1 February, LL100
Robert Wilson. Capital Punishment. 26 April, LL107
Robert Wilson. Stealing People. 24 May, LL109
Inger Ash Wolfe. The Night Bell. 29 February, LL102

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