Author / Title / Date review was posted / Library Limelights (LL) No.

Elizabeth Adler. Now or Never. 23 Dec LL97
Jussi Adler-Olsen. A Conspiracy of Faith. 29 March LL80
Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Purity of Vengeance. 23 May LL84
Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Marco Effect. 11 July LL87
Kate Atkinson. A God in Ruins. 29 September LL92
Iain Banks. Stonemouth. 23 January LL75
Linwood Barclay. Never Look Away. 4 March LL78
Linwood Barclay. No Safe House. 13 January LL74
Joan Barfoot. Exit Lines. 2 May LL83
David Bell. Never Come Back. 29 September LL92
Peggy Blair. Hungry Ghosts. 28 July LL88
Giles Blunt. Until the Night. 14 October LL93
James Lee Burke. The Glass Rainbow. 28 August LL90
James Lee Burke. Creole Belle. 9 September LL91
Lee Child. Personal. 10 April LL81
Michael Connelly. The Burning Room. 17 February LL77
Michael Crummey. Sweetland. 21 March LL79
Terry Devane. Uncommon Justice. 14 October LL93
Richard Flanagan. The Narrow Road to the Deep North. 4 March LL78
Gillian Flynn. Dark Places. 23 January LL75
Karin Fossum. In the Darkness. 23 May LL84
Karin Fossum. He Who Fears the Wolf. 30 October LL94
George Macdonald Fraser. The General Danced at Dawn. 17 February LL77
George Macdonald Fraser. The Complete McAuslan. 7 November LL95
Lisa Gardner. Catch Me. 2 May LL83
Tess Gerritsen. The Keepsake. 23 Dec LL97
Nathan Dylan Goodwin. The America Ground. 3 December LL96
Martha Grimes. The Black Cat. 30 June LL86
Robert Harris. An Officer and a Spy. 7 August LL89
Robert Harris. The Fear Index. 9 September LL91
Michael Harvey. The Governor's Wife. 3 December LL96
Paula Hawkins. The Girl on the Train. 28 July LL88
Christopher Hitchens. Mortality. 29 September LL92
Greg Iles. Natchez Burning. 27 April LL82
Mary Jackman. Spoiled Rotten. 7 November LL95
Stephen King. Mr. Mercedes. 23 May LL84
John Lescroart. The Hunter. 13 January LL74
John Lescroart. The Keeper. 3 December LL96
John MacKay. The Road Dance. 29 September LL92
Malcolm Mackay. How a Gunman Says Goodbye. 7 February LL76
Malcolm Mackay. The Sudden Arrival of Violence. 4 March LL78
Philip Margolin. Woman With a Gun. 21 March LL79
Philip Margolin. Fugitive. 30 October LL 94
Ian McEwan. Amsterdam. 7 November LL95
Denise Mina. Garnethill. 23 January LL75
Denise Mina. Gods and Beasts. 29 March LL80
Denise Mina. Red Road. 2 May LL83
Jo Nesbø. The Son. 30 June LL 86
Jo Nesbø. Blood on Snow. 30 June LL86
Sara Paretsky. Critical Mass. 10 April LL81
Louise Penney. A Trick of the Light. 7 February LL76
Ian Rankin. The Beat Goes On. 21 March LL79
Eric Rill. Pinnacle of Deceit. 11 July LL87
Peter Robinson. Abattoir Blues. 7 February LL76
Robert Rotenberg. Strangle Hold. 9 September LL91
Daniel Silva. The English Girl. 11 June LL85
Daniel Silva. The Heist. 7 August LL89
Daniel Silva. The English Spy. 30 October LL94
Olen Steinhauer. The Cairo Affair. 27 April LL82
Catharina Engelman Sundberg. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules. 11 June LL85
Andrew Taylor. The Barred Window. 23 Dec LL97
Cathi Unsworth. Wierdo. 13 January LL74
John Verdon. Shut Your Mouth Tight. 28 August LL90
Sam Wiebe. Last of the Independents. 11 July LL87
Robert Wilson. The Hidden Assassins. 28 August LL90
Robert Wilson. The Ignorance of Blood. 14 October LL93

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