2014 Book Reviews

Author -- Title -- Date of posting -- Library Limelights No.

Carolyn Abraham. The Juggler's Children. 20 Feb LL50
Jussi Adler-Olsen. The Absent One. 19 May LL56
Al Aswany, Alaa. The Yacoubian Building. 27 Feb LL51
David Baldacci. Simple Genius. 7 Feb LL49
David Baldacci. The Hit. 7 May LL55
Linwood Barclay. The Accident. 21 April LL54
Mark Billingham. Rush of Blood. 8 July LL60
Mark Billingham. From the Dead. 17 Aug LL64
Joseph Boyden. The Orenda. 6 March LL52
James Lee Burke. Feast Day of Fools. 5 Aug LL63
Claire Cameron. The Bear. 9 Sept LL66
Eleanor Catton. The Luminaries. 20 October LL70
Lee Child. Never Go Back. 28 Aug LL65
Michael Connolly. The Black Box. 21 April LL54
Michael Connolly. The Gods of Guilt. 23 Sep LL67
Deborah Crombie. A Finer End. 10 April LL53
Gillian Flynn. Sharp Objects. 9 Jan LL46
Robert Galbraith. The Cuckoo's Calling. 15 June LL58
Robert Galbraith. The Silkworm. 23 Sep LL67
Nathan Dylan Goodwin. The Lost Ancestor. 13 December LL72
Mo Hayder. Poppet. 22 Jan LL47
Mo Hayder. Wolf. 5 Aug LL63
Greg Iles. Black Cross. 7 Feb LL49
Jonas Jonasson. The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. 27 Jan LL48
Jonas Jonasson. The Girl Who Saved the Swedish King. 13 December LL72
Mons Kallentoft. Autumn Killing. 7 Feb LL49
Lars Kepler. The Hypnotist. 9 Jan LL46
Lars Kepler. The Nightmare. 20 Feb LL50
Lars Kepler. The Fire Witness. 7 May LL55
Lars Kepler. The Sandman. 14 October LL69
Herman Koch. Summer House With Swimming Pool. 9 Sep LL66
Clive Leatherdale. Tiananmen, Travels and Traumas ... 27 Feb LL 51
Elmore Leonard. Djibouti. 22 Jan LL47
John Lescroart. The Ophelia Cut. 23 July LL62
Malcolm Mackay. The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter. 29 December LL73
Naguib Mahfouz. Sugar Street. 6 March LL52
Peter McGarvey. Dark Sunset. 29 December LL73
Denise Mina. Still Midnight. 18 July LL61
Denise Mina. The End of the Wasp Season. 3 Oct LL68
Nicole Mones. The Last Chinese Chef. 26 November LL71
Jo Nesbo. Police. 27 Jan LL48
Jo Nesbo. Cockroaches. 18 July LL61
Ridley Pearson. Killer Summer. 3 Oct LL68
Annie Proulx. That Old Ace in the Hole. 26 November LL71
Andrew Pyper. The Guardians. 17 Aug LL64
Ian Rankin. Saints of the Shadow Bible. 27 May LL57
Peter Robinson. Children of the Revolution. 10 April LL53
Craig Russell. Eternal. 19 May LL56
Sean Slater. The Survivor. 28 June LL59
Sean Slater. Snakes and Ladders. 23 July LL62
Karen Slaughter. Unseen. 27 May LL57
Martin Cruz Smith. December 6. 28 Aug LL65
Martin Cruz Smith. Tatiana. 23 Sep LL67
Tom Rob Smith. The Farm. 14 October LL69
Miriam Toews. All My Puny Sorrows. 8 July LL60
John Verdon. Think of a Numb3r. 15 June LL58
Mingmei Yip. Song of the Silk Road. 28 June LL59

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