15 February 2018

FEC News

Fading Entertainers Centre (FEC) requires its own space. The FECsters have grown awfully unruly, making unreasonable demands for attention. Just the other day, Mr Obsessive-Compulsive (OC) of the Inmates Committee (IC) dropped the phrase: a clean sweep. Ms Throat goes around sulkily muttering time to go ... but then again, that might just be her personal mantra. Luther and Gonzo of all people ‒ together, that is  were heard conspiring that change is needed. Sheila and Luanna volunteered to make the posters to go in the elevators. When they figure out what it is they want. To change. Within the unintentionally pliable parameters erected for them by Upper Levels, of course.

Regardless, this kind of passive-aggression can't be ignored. Possibly the IC is feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of its mandate. Or perhaps something more sinister lurks beneath their remarks. Change is good. It might even mean progress of a sort. When Bella comes back from the hospital the entire IC can brainstorm to their hearts' content, provided Ophelia gets busy in the communal kitchen beforehand. Alcohol will not officially be involved.

FEC Foolishness will likely (slowly) transform itself elsewhere. Website? E-book? Slowly fade like its namesakes? Trash prospect? If there exists a person of interest curious reader, then don't hesitate to voice your question, comment, or opinion below. Nothing goes unheeded.

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