12 November 2016

FEC Revolt

Mr. OCD strides into the next IC meeting with his reddest face ever, bangs thunderously on the table for attention, and announces, " TAKEOVER! I have been dismissed from this position as head of the Inmates Committee (IC) and this meeting is hereby adjourned."

Dead silence.

Then a babbling chorus of:
"Say again!"
"What happened?"
"Who dismissed you?!"

"Ladies and gentlemen," Mr. OCD employs a calming effect with his hands. "Upper Levels in the Chain of Command have made a decision to re-form this committee even though I was elected by the inmates residents. They are replacing me with their good friend Thomas the Brave. He nefariously convinced them that we are not progressive enough. Your services may no longer be required because Thomas will choose his own people."

Emotional control has all but exhausted the man who slumps into his chair.

There's no arguing with Upper Levels and everyone knows it. Thomas the Brave will become Thomas the Dread. Thomas has different ideas about how the IC will operate the social and entertainment events.
"He's a snake in the grass!" from Ms Etoile.
"This can't be!" from Luther.
Gonzo the Treasurer gathers his papers and stalks out after shouting, "Just let the bastards try to get their hands on our accounts!"

Apparently most of the committee members want to keep their volunteer jobs and keep Mr. OCD, having become accustomed to his tantrums in a slightly affectionate way. Ophelia is close to fainting; she will have to hand over her key to the community kitchen. George keeps clearing his throat as if to speak. Bella has turned purple, gulping from her cocktail water bottle. Kitchen Assistant looks smug.

"Guys, guys ... we CAN fight this!" Ms Etoile. "Thomas will cancel all our faab-ulous plans. We can protest."
"What happened to elections and due process?!" Mr. OC sniffs, a defeated man.

"Man up, OCD, it's not over yet! Who's with me?!" Ms E rises to strike a pose as she imagines Boadicea rallying the Celts against the Romans. Or – you know – at least Wonder Woman.

Voices rise in agreement just as Simon the manager slinks nervously into the meeting to confirm the bad news. "You no longer have planning authority; the new chairman wants new people."
"Good luck," mutters George.

Mr OCD loses it. "This sucks, you management toady! You're in on this conspiracy. You've skimmed our petty cash and want all of it now! You and that walking skeleton Jiminy Crickets and Thomas the Predator!"
Bella wails in maudlin tears, "Our beautiful Thanksgiving plans ..."
Kitchen Assistant creeps quietly away.
"And there goes another guilty conspirator!"
Ophelia moans, "No more amazing hors d'oeuvres. No more gala concerts."

Heads turn as Gonzo crashes back into the room with an enormous sign. "It's not over," he says grimly.
"Darling Gonzo," says Ophelia, "your sign is in German."
"Ooops, it happens when I'm stressed. Rewind." He races away again.


Ms Etoile sits in the lobby with a sign. The sit-in has begun.

Another feckless day in the life ...  

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