22 February 2016

Lost & Found: Phantom


LOST ... the excitement of newness because of course everyone knows the story by now and a falling chandelier can only be effective the first time. ... like twenty-five years ago. Then, Colm Wilkinson was perfect of course but it was the voice of Rebecca Caine that blew me away. Lloyd Webber's music eclipsed all he'd done before and call me a fan because I love every note of it.*

FOUND ... Amazing sets, just amazing. Special effects were executed with startling fire. Spectacular indeed. The standout for me was Phantom himself with a superb voice, so memorable in The Music of the Night, could bring you to tears. But oddly, the character was not as sympathetic as before. I was not lost in a dreamy world of haunting music for days after. Imbuing the obsessed man with more of a back story, and over-playing Christine's ambivalence in the last scenes didn't work for me.

Nevertheless, wonderful hours of entertainment. Merci, Princess of Wales Theatre! Special thanks to "keepemflying."

* [Ed.: As an example, my amenable children grew up knowing every song and nuance of Jesus Christ Superstar ]  

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