21 July 2015

Redhead Nation

At last. Herewith a post that actually smacks of famdamily as the mis-named title of this blog might suggest. A post that needs posting because I newly hear of dire threats, bullying, and slander against my special tribe.

What was that "Kick a Ginger Day" wickedness? Now we have to publicly unite to defend and demonstrate? We MUST keep speaking up!

Truthfully, I can't say I was subjected to such discrimination myself. Except that one time in the teenage years when a new friend fresh from Germany informed me that Europeans think anyone with red hair is an imbecile. Or as some might say these days, intellectually-challenged. Firmly planted as I was in an extended family of red hair, the comment did not sit well. 

Sure, we all ‒ siblings and cousins ‒ got the jokes ("Liar, liar, hair on fire!") but none of today's evil crap. It's not inconsequential that certain childhood heroes like Maggie Muggins and Anne of Green Gables had bright red hair. Obviously they were not my heroes alone. Some of the world's finest specimens throughout history had shades of red.

Never mind the illustrious personages like Queen Elizabeth I and her dad, or Churchill, Van Gogh, Woollie Willie Nelson, and Carol Burnett - Moira Shearer was my idol.

As the UK prefers to call it, Ginger Nation now has a calendar of events that includes several countries and regions climbing onto the redhead bandwagon. Qu├ębec even! Isn't that a corker? They are going to flaunt it. They own it. YES!!

Only personal downside: Oh the agonizing over the freckles. And supposedly few with red hair find it turning grey with age (good). Which may be why, these days, I never get offered a seat in a crowded subway car (bad).

Breaking news: The U.S. gets with it. Good one, San Francisco -  http://adobochronicles.com/2015/07/01/san-francisco-to-host-ginger-pride-in-2016/

For the next generation of ginger nobs ― the nephews, nieces, and grand-kiddies galore ― soon there will be an international Redhead Day. Work at it! Get Prince Harry on board.

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