30 July 2014

Words 7

Some to abhor, some to perhaps adopt.

debankify OMG, coming from my very own bank! A pathetic touch of straining too hard for Z-gen customers? I don't even want to know what they have in mind.
victimology As in Nesbo's Cockroaches but becoming common all over the place now. Seems to reduce real pain to an all-inclusive label, a pedantic study.
signalized On a construction site, a sign to warn of a traffic intersection ahead. An intersection with signal lights. What happened to standard English? MUST we ADJECTIVIZE everything?!

rhisomatic ― Recognizable language root here, rhizome actually meaning root, quite botanical. A very fine word indeed. My family surname Jurikas that translates into English as root could use the much more musical variation of Rhizome. Thank you.
Gardy-Loo!! ― Let's resurrect this! From those fun-loving Edinburgh high-rises of yore. I might be addicted to "Today's Scots Word" on Facebook's Scottish Genealogy.
● butterscotchness ― Made that up myself. Sometimes it's okay to invent nouns. Contemplating perfect ice cream on a hot day.
vernissage ― As in Koch's Summer House with Swimming Pool; a semi-archaic word for the reception to preview an art gallery's new exhibition. Koch liked it so much he employed it several times (but then he's European).

Johari window In Galbraith's The Cuckoo's Calling, a character dismisses this self-awareness exercise, a crowd-sourcing kind of technique choosing adjectives to describe your personality. Oh really?
● gravamen ― Lescroart used it in its appropriate legal context, in The Ophelia Cut, as the most important or substantial part of a charge against an accused person.
alveolar ― to do with pronunciation of certain consonants, but its noun is even more interesting. Alveolus can refer to the socket a tooth sits in, or other small anatomical hollows or pits.
homophily ― support of homosexual rights, and,
heterophily ― support of heterosexual rights; neither of which made the Oxford Online Dictionary last time I looked (shame, Oxford!). 

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