08 June 2014

Tylenol Crazy

Is anyone left in the neighbourdamhood with their hearing faculty still functioning?
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They just have to keep ripping it up and doing it over and over again till they get it right! 
None of the visual even hints at the accompanying NOISE.
Oops, SORRY, this was actually FOUR YEARS AGO!
Four years and six major street/sidewalk wrecking, repair, wrecking, repair, wrecking, repair, and like that.
Today, 8 June 2014
On a Sunday, yet (lots of overtime?). First they came and stuffed what looked like a stack of diapers into the sewer opening. Then it takes six men to watch a hose draining what I assume is Lake Ontario into a huge tanker. You can't see it, but the tanker has DETOX on its side. To the right, about 100 feet along, is a second tanker doing the same thing. Did I mention the NOISE?

So far, since noon, they've been at it for eight hours. How long does it take to drain Lake Ontario anyway? It's time for a daily check of my building's foundations. We sit on the old lake bed, plus a buried stream runs under (sometimes through) our basement, facts some architectural and engineering geniuses seem to have missed. No-one on the street would be terribly surprised if we all collapse into the rubble. 

No, I no longer wonder what Monday morning will bring. More of the same. The only sure thing is that it will begin at 7 a.m. if it didn't go on all night.

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