06 April 2014

Words 6

Regrettable words. Making verbs out of nouns. Making adjectives out of verbs. They have a way of coming from the high-speed worlds of business or technology movers and shakers, sneaking into the popular lexicon until Webster and Oxford throw up the white flag in surrender. 

Herewith a few that irritate me no end.  

weaponize: first heard this during the War of the Weapons of Mass Destruction.
incentivize: even heard on the CBC—you sheep! 
enculturate: oh please.
gifting: what happened to giving?
UPDATE: debankify! Right there on my banking website. Don't think I will revive from that one. 

To hyphenate or not? If one gives a crap:
doable, do-able — a lamentable noun cum adjective; surely invented by the hyperactive advertising or tech sector.
re-home — as in adopting cats and dogs; pretty much needs a hyphen.
deskilling, de-skilling — in the sense of your skills being taken from you; not killing your desk. Finding an appropriate usage for it could keep you up at night.  

Making new nouns:
disambiguation — seen on Wikipedia relating to the very confusing number of British regiments that were called the 73rd Regiment of Foot; gosh, maybe it’s real. Baffling.
historiette — so cutesy, thankfully not widely applied; the French invented it, right?
papered — really an adjective from a verb to paper; plans and suggestions need to be papered as in requiring a written memo. 

Bet you could add many more (go ahead, bring them on). Makes you weep.

That doesn’t even account for trying to keep up with the same wordsmiths (termsmiths?) who invent all those catchy expressions like drinking from the fire hose; thrown under the bus; epic FAIL; the mother of all (*insert your noun of choice*). By the time I get them into my lexicon they’re passé. Someone should do a blog post about it.  

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