18 May 2013

FEC Weekday Morning


Greetings in the lobby mail room.

"Good morning, all," brightly chirped.

Chorus of:
"Hi there."
"Wassup pussycat?"
"Dahling, how've you been?"
"Mornin' to you too!"

Oh good. There's Mr. Control Freak I mean Head of the Inmates' Committee. Opportunity for small talk. Ask a socially-acceptable seasonal question:

"Any date set yet for turning on the A/C?"

"Nothing to do with me! The city sets the date and it never deviates! About two weeks from now! We have no control over it here! Don't go phoning them, you'll just get us all in trouble! Not everyone appreciates it, you know!"

Bark, bark.

Firmly put in my place. Woof! Truly, I plan to have some adult conversations. Soon.

A morning in the feckless life.

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