18 January 2013

Listen, Hear

Late Night CBC Radio: Quirks and Quarks: The South American bush cricket.

Caught in mid-broadcast, how could that not fire your imagination? Especially when brushing your teeth, minding your own business, trying to catch tomorrow's weather forecast?

Well, my friends. Bush crickets have ears. Yes!

To save you rushing to google this extraordinary news (and part of my insect watch duties), let me summarize for you from an article:
► impedance conversion
► nanoscale vibration
► auditory vesicle
► Doppler vibrometry
► rain forests of Colombia

Bottom line:
"Cricket ears inspire new hearing aid" says another website.
► hearing aids
► biomedical imaging systems in hospitals
► ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation to assess the structural integrity of buildings and bridges

You have it all in a nutshell.

Bravo bush cricket! Beats all the rest of the crappy news. Science owes you.

No bush cricket was available for comment at this time.

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