10 October 2012

Ponderous Words

A serious Canadian writer was invited by his editor to attend a party where getting shit-faced was promised. Being known for his extravagant use and educational application of the English language, he decided the adjective deserved attention in a guest blog post.[1]    

The premise, in his words:   
All experienced people are familiar with the condition, personally or as observers, but it tweaked my curiosity to find what had caused a state of intoxication to be generally put in terms so radically sociopathic that they implied an excretionary countenance. Somewhat similar references are made to those accused of such extreme sycophancy that they, (at least figuratively), make contact with the fecal eggressive orifice, or even to those who emerge felicitously, or at least humorously, from a tumble into accumulated ordure. But how even a black-out drunk could be described as shit-faced long escaped my comprehension.

But here it is, folks. His words again, on the editor who stunningly outdid him:
I taxed my commissioning editor who had used the description in her invitation, with the origins of the phrase and she put up a splendid smokescreen of impenetrable polysyllabalism. Thus, I was arraigned for "satisfied abliguration," for being a "balbucitating chadband," for deserting former "harbargeries" to become a "deipnosophist, a cromulent cunctipotent, a fainéant moriologist, percibrating" and provoking a mere "quatervois."

How’s that for up yours!? (Anyway, would you invite him to a party?!) The thought of exploring all those enchanting words is a tad exhausting. Oddly, I sense a hint of the Anglo-Indian influences I’ve explored in my Words past.

You’d probably like to know that Black and the OED attribute authorship of the now common expression to beatnik poet of the 1950s, Allan Ginsberg. History, mannnn.

[1] Conrad Black, “Serious About Getting Sh**-Faced,” The Huffington Post – Canada, 11 July 2012; http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/conrad-black/im-serious-about-getting-_b_1664198.html?utm_hp_ref=canada.

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