03 March 2012

Words 5

William Boyd has been educating me. These are words he used in Armadillo, and OxfordDictionaries obliged me (with a little self-interpretation here and there). I might have heard one or two of them before. It's important, I think, to use a word in a sentence to stick it in your mind. Or stick it somewhere.

ziggurat: a rectangular stepped tower, Mesopotamia, Tower of Babel
Waterfront condominium towers are now required to design a ziggurat-like facade facing the lake.
(Does ziggurat-like count?)

rebarbative: unattractive and objectionable
The restaurant needed a facelift for its rebarbative decor.

spatchcock: chicken or game bird split for grilling; verb: split open to place somewhere
Let's spatchcock a quick lunch between conference sessions.
(That was a tough one.)

integumentary: tough protective outer layer (integral to the thing/animal)
Denial seems to be integumentary for those who can't inarticulate emotional pain.
(Even tougher.)

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