08 February 2012

Animal Rights Alert

A friend sent me this little darling from the Internet for my camel collection. I want to say something about it. But what? I'm stumped. Other people send me hump jokes that don't quite suit the situation. This is how vicious rumours get started. I do not have an S & M collection.

What exactly is the situation? A somewhat deformed camel--female one assumes--ready for the S & M party. I defy anyone to wear two boots like that, let alone four. It's like needing child labour laws all over again. Her location is unknown and that's a big problem. She's definitely not in my neighbourdamhood.

I'm so sad for this poor orphan. I'm sure she's an orphan. Some perverts probably kidnapped her from her native village and sold her on the slavery black market. I will call her Cherie to humanize her. We need to find her with applied detective work and give her a normal camel life.

If you should run into Cherie in your secret dark side travels, for gawd's sake call the camel rescue hotline in Stockton, California. They are waiting to hear from you 24/7.

1 comment:

  1. And how, may I ask, did I miss this post? Very clever of you to change the spelling of my name - surely no one will ever catch on!

    And now on top of everything else I am expected to run a home for wayward camels? Oh the things we do for love - ok I will leave a porch light on in case the little tramp finds herself in the area.