04 December 2011


Self-confidence in the teenage years can be fragile. Your god-given natural gifts are there for you to develop.

❖ respect your teachers even if they bore you sometimes;
❖ follow your curiosity to read widely;
❖ sing in a choir - play a musical instrument with others - go to concerts;
❖ stretch to your personal best in competitive and team sports;
❖ have friends who share the same activities; 
❖ forgive your parents for being older than you.


❖ allow your friends to control your world;
❖ do whatever it takes to be popular;
❖ learn to hide your social activities;
❖ compete for the most expensive toys;
❖ reject anything that smacks of mental or physical effort;
❖ ignore the rules of parents and school.

Choices. Winning and losing is really all inside yourself.

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