18 October 2011

South of Suez

Granny: “ bla bla ... talk to you again soon, after my holiday ... cruise ship ... bla bla ... .”

12-yr-old: “Have an awesome time on your trip! And I hope you don't die.”

Granny: (explosive laughter) “Sweetheart, I WILL die some day ...”

12-yr-old: (mortified) “I mean die of boredom ... being stuck on a ship, like, with the same people all the time ...”

Granny: (continuing) “ ... but in the meantime I'm prepared for pirates, hijacking, whatever. Now that would not be boring!”


  1. This is a "general" comment.

    I just found "your" Famdamily. Our famdamily (usually referred to as "the whole famdamily") existed for decades before I discovered genealogy and the internet. My dad and his sister used it. And now photos of that famdamily hang on my wall. The group is known as the Rogue's Gallery, just as it was when it hung in my grandmother's hallway.

    Can't help wondering how many of these family sayings go back 3 more generations to the man who brought his family from New Jersey to Yonge Street between Thornhill and Richmond Hill in 1802.

  2. Yes, I knew there were other famdamilies out there. I guess we all have our Rogues Gallery too! More about them later :-) Thanks for dropping by my hodge-podge.