24 September 2011

I do these things

In one and the same week, I:

Marched myself to No Frills for their toilet paper special. The timing was critical with the laundry machine going. When sharing facilities with other residents, one doesn’t want the guy with the Rotweiler throwing my wet stuff on the floor. Grabbed the President’s Choice special, paid, loaded it into my bulkiest shopping bag, and strode triumphantly home. If I do say so, I’m getting very good at estimating time. What I discovered ... more time went by ... was I’d grabbed the paper towels instead of the toilet paper. My timing is excellent but I need to work on my focusing skills.

Went to the Farmer’s Market to buy a cucumber for 75¢. That’s half the price at the regular stores. And presumably fresher. It was all I wanted that day because I’d already had my fresh corn on the cob quota for an entire summertime. Dropped the cucumber into my ever-present shopping bag (post passim) as I fished through my change. Came home, went through the ritual of stowing a variety of other purchases, no cucumber. Probably I dropped it onto the floor of the market instead of into my bag. Ultimately I crept back to the Market an hour later, certain no-one would recognize me. Now I have one $1.50 cucumber.

See what I mean about focusing?

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